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Get Your Home Ready To Fall Into Fall

The summer heat is fading, leaves will soon be turning and the mornings will be crisp before we know it. It's time to prep your home for the arrival of the cool weather while it's still nice outside. Preparing your home for fall may not be the most exciting task, but it’s critical to keep your home and its systems functioning properly! Luckily, we have some great tips to help you get ready in no time flat! Take care of these tasks to get your home clean, warm and cozy for the cool days to come.

Inside Your Home

The days of light and airy fabrics are fleeting, and soon you’ll be trading them out for cozy blankets and more! Getting your home ready for fall means more than just swapping out your curtains, or getting your HVAC serviced so you can stay warm and snuggly all during the colder months. Stay cozy with these 10 tips:

The Exterior of Your Home

The leaves are turning beautiful colors and starting to fall from trees, and consequently suffocating your lawn. Yikes! Preparing the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior of your home from shutting off sprinkler systems to tightening railings. Plus, did we mention that preparing the exterior of your home for changing seasons and temperatures can help you save money? It’s okay, thank us later for these 10 items:

Evaluating Your Yard and Curb Appeal

One of the most visible parts of your home and the first impression it makes to potential buyers is curb appeal! Adding simple and inexpensive touches, like light fixtures, combine elements of ambiance and safety (since it does get dark out sooner). Be sure to take care of necessary pruning to help your yard thrive in the spring, and even get a head start on planting bulbs, which will make you look like an expert homeowner in no time flat!


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