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Tips For Preparing Your Home For Homeschooling

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the summer during these very unprecedented times. You have officially earned super hero status by navigating through these changes while juggling responsibilities and keeping your kids occupied. Whew!

Just when you thought there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, COVID-19 wreaks havoc, yet again, on your plans for the upcoming school year.  With the threat of the pandemic still lingering and many children attending virtual school this fall, parents are strategizing about how to teach their children at home. While you might be nervous about adding the extra hat of “homeschool teacher” to the many hats you already wear as a parent, let these 5 tips help you get your home ready for the Fall semester.

Utilize Your Spare Room: Do you have a spare room that serves no purpose at the moment? Turn that bonus room into your own classroom. Equip it with comfortable seating, adequate lighting, and a flat surface clear of clutter. A designated space that is a away from your daily living routine will help minimize distractions for you and your child.

Redecorate Your Walls: Whichever room you decide to call your classroom you may need to do a little redecorating. Consider taking down pictures or any artwork in the child’s learning space and putting up chalk boards, white boards, bulletin boards, or any posters that will aid in their learning.

Organize Your Space: That list of school supplies you race to the store to complete will now be kept at home. Get organized with proper shelves, baskets, and storage bins. You may even want to consider clearing out some closet space for extra storage.

Educate Outdoors: Don’t limit your homeschooling to the four walls in your home. Branch out to your outdoor spaces. Gazebos or patios can be a great place to escape to for some reading time on a nice day. Your backyard and other outdoor spaces like parks are a great way for your child to continue their physical education. In all that you’re doing to feed their minds, don’t forget to keep them moving.

Add a Little Free Library: You may find yourself going through your stash of children’s books a little faster than usual while teaching from home. Little libraries are a trend that has taken off in some communities and may be worth considering as an addition to your home. It’s a great way for you to share books with other parents that may be homeschooling in your community.

While you and your child continue to navigate this new normal, make your living space one less challenge you have to overcome. If you find that your current home isn’t providing the adequate space you need for the upcoming school year, connect with us to help you find the perfect fit for you and your family.


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